Bike Trailer (version 1)

As I do not know welding or brazing and do not have the necessary equipment, I choose to use steel with bolts in order to build my trailer (for the moment it is not as strong as the mass trailer, my steel tubes are thiner).

All the pieces cut and laid on the ground (100cm long without the arm by 63cm width).


The trailer assembled, view from upper. Steel pieces (0.5mm) are used for maintaining tubes 90 degrees crossed.


The trailer assembled, view from under.


The wheel dropouts (0.5mm steel).


The link between the trailer and the bike (horizontal on the trailer, vertical on the bike).


The trailer with the wheels (26")


The trailer ready to use.


The attach on the bike is a simple bended piece of steel (0.5mm).



As I did not have second hand wheels so I had to buy "new ones" (I only had the tires). This was the most expensive part of the trailer. I already had the two plastic box sitting in the garage. Finally, it took one afternoon to build and the result is not too bad for a first hand made using steel tubes.

Element Price (EUR)
Bolts 11
Tubes 15
Steel 03
Wheel 19

Mon Jul 23 17:02:03 CEST 2007